The Nebraska Sandhills

Now in Pre-Production



"You really can't explain the Sandhills to people who are in a hurry. They're rushing to and fro- and constantly missing the gap in between. I think the Sandhills fills us with the true things in life."

-Bob Rooney


Imagine a simple way of life where grass trumps government subsidies and folks observe the Code of the West as primary law. These people are caretakers of the largest grass stabilized sand sea in the western hemisphere; they live by a spirit unique to the territory of the Nebraska Sandhills.


Secrets of the Sandhills was initially a simple concept: document life in one of America's final frontiers. The passion, pride, and love shown to the land proves the historic importance of such a undertaking. This legacy is fading into history and must be captured and preserved in an inventive way- before its too late.


This undertaking requires brawn and power beyond previous efforts. Dedicated people are stepping forward. Secrets of the Sandhills affords other lands and generations to discover the warmth of a newborn calf's first breath of air and infinite frost-laden dunes aboard a J-3 Cub.


It is a privilege to become active in the Sandhills, working in step with its community in preparation for this film. The ancient land writes with an ink that leaves indelible character on all who accept its challenge. Only then does it offer something much different- a sort of magnetic destination to body and soul.


Next: discover the Sandhills, view our imagery, or team up.

-Mitch Hunt


What Secrets of the Sandhills?